About Chapter 2

4SSP1746Why the name Chapter 2, people ask.  There is a story to be told.

After raising two children to adulthood and working in the legal field for 40 years, the shop is a second chapter for me.  Many of the items offered are made from repurposed materials, giving them a second chapter, as well.

My focus is finding small cottage industries that create unique and innovative products, and help give them exposure to the Des Moines community.  The artisans are based in the United States and several are in Iowa.  There is so much talent in this country that we do not get exposed to, and I have made it my mission to promote these wonderfully artistic people and watch their businesses grow.

You will find a wide variety of one-of-a-kind gifts, accessories, clothing and home décor. I so appreciate each client that helps to keep someone’s dream alive.